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Suzhou Order Cleanroom Material Co., Ltd. Located in Suzhou city. Established in 2006. Occupied 12000 square meters. We pass ISO9001:2008, and our main products own SGS certificates.ORDER*Material is built to provide valuable nonwoven cleaning solutions. we are $cat_name suppliers We supply nonwoven products to lots of fields, including foodservice, household, medical, personal hygienic, electronic, printing, painting, equipment manufacturing, workplace cleaning & maintenance, etc.


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What surfaces or items can be cleaned with the Pop-Up Box Cleaning Cloth?

The Pop-Up Box Cleaning Cloth can be used on a variety of surfaces and items. Here are some examples: 1. Electronics: The cleaning cloth can be safely used on smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer ...

Why household cleaning wipes are usually single-use products

Household cleaning wipes are typically designed as single-use products for several reasons: Hygiene and Convenience: Single-use wipes provide a convenient and hygienic way to clean surfaces. Users ca...

Why aerospace cleaning wipes are non-abrasive

Aerospace cleaning wipes are typically designed to be non-abrasive for several important reasons: Surface Protection: Aerospace components, especially those used in aircraft and spacecraft, often ha...

Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloth Industry Knowledge Extension

Does Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloth have a large capacity?

Yes, Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloths typically have a large capacity. They are designed to be used in industrial, commercial, or institutional settings, where large quantities of cloth are needed. The jumbo roll format allows for a large number of clothes to be stored in a compact and convenient manner, making them an ideal solution for busy facilities with high cleaning demands.

Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloths are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and absorbencies to meet the specific needs of different applications. They can be used for a range of tasks, including cleaning, wiping, mopping, and absorbing spills. Because of their large size and absorbency, Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloths are often used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and other facilities where large quantities of cleaning cloths are needed.

Is Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloth easy to use?

Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloths can be easy to use, depending on the specific product and how it is designed. Some Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloths are designed to be used with a dispenser, making it easy to dispense a single cloth at a time. The design of the dispenser can vary, but many models feature a center-pull design that allows for easy one-handed dispensing.

Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloths are also often designed to be durable and absorbent, which makes them an effective tool for cleaning and wiping up spills. They can be used wet or dry and can be rinsed and reused multiple times, depending on the specific product and application.

In general, Jumbo Roll Cleaning Cloths can be a convenient and efficient solution for facilities with high cleaning demands, as they provide a large number of clothes in a compact and easy-to-use format. However, it's important to select the right product for your specific needs and to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for use.